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Published: June 13, 2008. Filed under: Meta, Misc.

Following up on last weekend’s housekeeping announcement: hopefully you’re noticing that things look a little different around here. There’s a lot going on, and a lot to write about (expect that in coming days), but in summary:

  1. A nice, fresh look for the site. My focus this time around was on minimalism and clean design, emphasizing content as much as possible. See Ryan Tomayko’s recent redesign work for my inspiration.
  2. Upgrades and improvements to most of the applications I’m using. These will find their way into proper releases eventually, but for now I’m using my own site as a place to experiment a bit.
  3. A switch from XHTML 1.0 back to HTML 4.
  4. A server move.

The last one bears a little up-front explaining, in case anyone gets the wrong idea.

For as long as this site’s been online, it’s been hosted at Joyent, first on shared hosting and then on a dedicated Accelerator. But now it’s migrated over to SliceHost, and is happily running on a VPS account I’ve purchased there.

This isn’t because there’s anything wrong with Joyent — there’s not — and I’m not actually moving away from their services; I still have and use both a shared-hosting account there and my Accelerator, and my mail is still handled by Joyent. But I also wanted a bit more room to consolidate a few sites I’m already running or plan to set up in the not-too-distant future, and SliceHost was offering the right size box at the right price, so I picked up an account there as well. I’ll continue running this site on both servers for a few days while the DNS records finish switching, then shut off the old version and repurpose the Accelerator.

So pull up a chair and get comfy, and over the next few days I’ll talk a bit more about some of the other changes I’ve made.