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Microformats and such

I hope you’ll forgive this brief diversion from my ongoing attempt to distinguish web developers from web designers, but it’s late, I’ve had a couple beers and I’ve been tinkering a bit with some code. Regularly-scheduled programming will return shortly.

So. The microformats people and the accessibility people are at war with each other, or so it seems (remember to read that article with tongue firmly in cheek). The cause of this tempest in a teapot is a simple enough question: how do you embed both a “human friendly” and “machine ...

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The other day, the Dojo blog announced the public beta of Renkoo, an “evite killer” which relies heavily on the asynchronous features of Dojo and “Comet”, the name that’s been given to the use of long-lived HTTP connections to provide instant updates of state in event-driven web applications.

Except I can’t check out Renkoo in my browser of choice — Safari — because I get automatically redirected to their “unsupported browser” page. They have a brief write-up on their blog of why Safari support is problematic, though I can’t help thinking ...

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Dear John

I don’t really know where I should begin, John. Maybe I could start with your unnecessary brutality over on Jeff’s blog. Maybe I could start with the rather nasty screed you left for me today. There are other things you’ve said that I could dig up and go through, but that’s not really where I should begin.

So let me start with my to-do list. There are about fifty things on it right now; in fact, there are pretty much always about fifty things on my to-do list. Most of my ...

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Let’s talk about accessibility

The other day, Jeff posted some thoughts about accessibility which were, for the most part, well-received. Some people apparently didn’t get the message, though, and went after him in the comments, so he had to post a follow-up clarifying that, no, he’s not an evil corporate monster who hates handicapped people.

Jeff’s first post was somewhat kicked off by Roger Johansson’s post on Monday, which had comments that got so bad he had to close them for a while, then re-open them with a note:

Comments are open again. You are free ...

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