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Entries published on November 8, 2022

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A Python 3.11 “gotcha”

Recently at work I’ve been doing a bit of performance tuning on a service that’s getting ready to launch. It’s been built mostly on the tried-and-true principle of “first make it correct, then make it fast”, and really more like “then make it fast if necessary“. This is important because you generally want to have an idea of your performance goals up-front, and if you’re already hitting them then you should not spend a bunch more time trying to micro-optimize your way into being as fast as possible.

The actual performance tuning part of this wasn’t that exciting; there were just a couple database columns that needed indexes, and once they’d been added, the response times were back to where I wanted them to be.

But then I decided, since I was already in there doing some performance work, to check out Python 3.11, which includes some performance improvements. I’m …

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