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Entries published on January 24, 2022

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For hire

As I write this it’s the evening of January 23, 2022. A little over two weeks ago I gave notice at my now-former employer, and as of two days ago I am officially on the job market.

If you already know me and are interested in talking about an opportunity, please get in touch. Or if you want to know a bit more first, read on…

Who I am

It’s a bit tricky to pin down when my “career” as a programmer began. I first got paid to build a website sometime around 2000-2001, first started seriously accepting contract work as a programmer in late 2004, landed my first full-time job as a programmer in 2006, and have been employed by various companies, with occasional breaks in between, ever since.

Most people who follow this blog know me because of my involvement with Django. That first job back in 2006 was at …

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