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Entries published in March 2020

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More on service layers in Django

Well, that provoked some discussion.

While there were plenty of people who agreed with the general idea of that post, there were also quite a few objections. And most of those seem to fall into two main categories: people who want some type of additional layer (and may or may not call it a “service”) as a way of managing cross-cutting complexity, and people who want it as an isolating abstraction for testing.

There’s also a third group whose objections are more about the Active Record ORM pattern, but that’s not something …

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Against service layers in Django

This post now has a followup.

Recently I’ve seen posts and questions pop up in a few places about a sort of “enterprise” Django style guide that’s been getting attention. There are a number of things I disagree with in that guide, but the big one, and the one people have mostly been asking about, is the recommendation to add a “service layer” to Django applications. The short version of my opinion on this is: it’s probably not what you want in Django apps.

The longer version follows below.

What is …

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