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Entries published on March 20, 2018

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Making mistakes

A couple weeks ago when I was writing what became pwned-passwords-django, I tweeted about a weird issue I was seeing when running the tests for part of it. As it turned out, I’d overlooked something important, and the fix ended up being a one-line change. But that kicked off a little side discussion about the importance of being open about these kinds of “trivial” mistakes; it’s easy for newer or less-confident programmers to do something like that and start feeling stupid, unqualified and all sorts of other bad things. But experienced programmers — even, in this case, someone who’s allegedly an expert on the piece of technology in question — make those kinds of mistakes, too, and it’s good to make sure people are aware of this and that messing up, even in ways that feel dumb, is a thing that happens to everyone.

Especially to me. …

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