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Entries published on April 3, 2017

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Let’s talk about testing Django apps

For quite a while now, I’ve maintained several open-source Django applications. And with Django 1.11 on the horizon, it’s time for me to go through and make any changes and clean out their issue queues while I’m at it, so I can roll new officially-compatible releases. When I’m doing this, I always like to try to evaluate the current state of the art and see if I can switch over to better ways of doing things, since Django gets a new features with every release and people in the community keep coming up with better ways to approach common tasks or problems.

Lately, one that’s been on my mind a bit is testing. I’m a fan of testing, and on my personal apps I have CI set up to run on every pull request and every commit I push, against the full combinatorial matrix of Django/Python versions I support. I …

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