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Entries published on August 26, 2013

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Catching up

For a while now I’ve been pretty embarrassed by this site. Not by the visual design, or the functionality (though some bits have been lost along the way, for reasons that will become obvious in a moment), but by the fact that it was old. As in, over five years old. It was running on a bunch of ancient code that I’d written a long, long time ago, on an ancient Subversion checkout of Django — for the historians in the audience, it was pre-queryset-refactor — and was, frankly, not particularly well-built to begin with.

I’ve lately been feeling the same way about some other public-facing projects I’ve worked on, which just added to the feeling of embarrassment: everything was too old, or too badly-written, or both, which is a major deterrent to feeling motivated to work on and do things. Especially since something written for an ancient version of …

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