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Extended media thoughts

The first weekend of this month, for me, was spent in sunny Santa Clara, attending the 2013 Mozilla Summit. Overall, it was a great weekend, getting to reconnect with old friends, make some new ones and see and talk about a lot of cool technology and plans for the future of Mozilla. Like most people (or so I suspect), I’m not normally a huge fan of company get-togethers, but Mozilla is different from normal in a lot of important ways. The Summit wasn’t just a gathering of Mozilla employees, for ...

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Reminder for people who try and think it’s a bug: Persona, on this site, is for me to be able to log in and post entries. As such, you will not be able to log in to this site, since you don’t have an account and can’t create one. This isn’t a bug, it’s intended functionality — site owners can control whether accounts can be created, and by whom.

So, last week I mentioned in passing that my next project for this site would be implementing Persona for authentication. Since I ...

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Catching up

For a while now I’ve been pretty embarrassed by this site. Not by the visual design, or the functionality (though some bits have been lost along the way, for reasons that will become obvious in a moment), but by the fact that it was old. As in, over five years old. It was running on a bunch of ancient code that I’d written a long, long time ago, on an ancient Subversion checkout of Django — for the historians in the audience, it was pre-queryset-refactor — and was, frankly, not ...

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Good tools

Apparently we’re in one of those every-couple-of-years cycles of everybody and their brother rushing to adopt/encourage others to adopt the hot new programmers’ text editor. This time around it’s Sublime Text, which, though I haven’t personally tried it out, does seem to at least be a very nice editor. If you were just starting out and needed a quality text editor, I think you could do a lot worse than Sublime Text. However, I would still, and will still, recommend that you also at least try out one of ...

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The last couple weeks have been rough, on a personal level. Nothing I can’t get through with a little help (and thankfully, there is help), but nothing particularly fun to get through, either. I’ve spent a lot of time going over and thinking about some old issues. Part of that has involved digging up a bunch of things I wrote years ago; a minor crisis occurred this past weekend when I tried to power up an old laptop — its hard drive is the only place certain archived emails and ...

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