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Kick me

On a recent plane ride, I was watching an episode of The West Wing which had flashbacks to the original campaign which set up the Presidency on which the show is based. There’s a scene in that episode where Abbey Bartlet — the eventual First Lady on the show — is talking to some of her husband’s campaign staffers about whether her husband is ready to really run the campaign and be President. The dialogue is classic:

JOSH: Well, is he going to be ready?
ABBEY: You bet your ass he ...

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Housekeeping notice

A minor heads-up: going to be doing a little maintenance this weekend, which means that this site will be seeing some downtime as I upgrade a few things. I’ll most likely just turn things off for a bit while that’s running, but you may occasionally see an error page if I forget or if I manage to screw up.

Everything should be back to normal by Monday.

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