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Published: February 19, 2008. Filed under: Web standards.

It’s sad to reach the point where “epic fail” is the most apt term I can come up with to describe an article by Zeldman, but that’s where I am today. His article “Version Targeting: Threat or Menace?” in today’s ALA is so far off the mark that, honestly, I can’t come up with any other description.

No, Microsoft is not relevant anymore.

No, the default behavior is not correct.

No, the switch does not solve the problems the IE team claims to be fighting.

No, it is not and never will be my responsibility to help Microsoft maintain its market share.

Seven years ago this week, Zeldman kicked off the standards revolution when he said, “To hell with bad browsers”.

Today I say: amen to that, and to hell with “standards” advocates who won’t stand by that principle.