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Entries published on September 4, 2007

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ORM Wars

Last week while I was still on blog hiatus, Adam Gomaa wrote up a pretty constructive summary of why he prefers SQLAlchemy over the default Django ORM, and documented how he made SQLAlchemy a little less painful to use by writing a set of helper functions before moving on to announcing that he’s writing his own declarative layer — borrowing somewhat from Django’s model syntax — on top of SQLAlchemy.

I went back and read a few of Adam’s other posts, and generally I like what I see; he manages to combine several important tendencies in a blogger:

  1. He’s honest.
  2. He manages honesty without being personally insulting.
  3. He doesn’t spare anybody, not even SQLAlchemy.

His big issue right now seems to be the state of ORM in the Python world: he likes Django’s model syntax but doesn’t like the limitations of our ORM, and likes SQLAlchemy’s power and flexibility but doesn’t seem …

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Django, Accelerated

As of yesterday, this site is served from a Joyent Accelerator, running Django via Apache/mod_python backed by a PostgreSQL database. This setup probably isn’t for everybody, but if it’s right for you (and only you can make that call), here’s how I got everything running.

First things first

Make sure you’ve taken preliminary steps to secure your Accelerator before you do anything with it; this means things like setting up key-based SSH authentication and turning off password-based login, disabling SSH logins by root, etc.; the Joyent wiki has a “getting started with your Accelerator” guide, as well as a guide to turning off password logins and links to documentation which covers much of the rest of what you’ll want.

I also highly recommend disabling Webmin, the default Apache and Postfix; we’ll be setting up our own Apache to replace the default one, Webmin will still be accepting password authentication (and …

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