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Honey, I’m home

Published: September 3, 2007. Filed under: Django, Meta.

If you’re seeing this, congratulations: the DNS changes have propagated and you’re seeing this site, in all its redesigned glory, at its new home: a Joyent Accelerator.

This took quite a bit longer than I’d expected, largely because — while ostensibly working on redesigning the site and re-writing the blog application which powers it — I kept feeling the urge to spin off various bits of functionality into their own generic, standalone applications. Now I’m finally putting all that work to good use, and does it ever feel good.

Oh, and in the middle of all that I also got to take a crash course in Solaris system administration and learn my way around my shiny new server. It turned out to be a lot less painful than I’d expected, but this is the first time in years that I’ve had to be my own sysadmin and I wanted to take my time and get it right.

Add all that together, supply only the occasional night or weekend with a few hours to work on it, and… well, Hofstadter’s Law starts to rear its ugly head.

But it’s done, and I’m officially back in the land of the bloggers. For the past two months I maintained a policy of refusing to publish anything until I’d completed my rewrite, redesign and migration, so I’ve got a huge backlog of things to finish writing about in the very near future. Also expect to see a few things continue to change around the site; right now it’s at the stage of “good enough”, but there’s still a lot I want to do.

Stay tuned.