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Entries published on November 29, 2007

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Where is Django’s blog application?

In terms of people looking for sample code or example applications to use/learn from, “where can I find a good Django-powered blogging application” is probably at the top of the frequently-asked questions list both on django-users and in the IRC; part of this is simply that, right now, there is no “definitive” Django blogging application; there are a bunch of them available if you go looking, but you’re not likely to get anyone to recommend one of them as “the” Django blogging app (unless the person doing the recommending …

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Keeping up with the Django

Thanks to a couple big projects at work that I’m trying to finish up in time to devote my full weekend to the sprint, I don’t have anything directly code-related to throw out today. Fortunately, there are plenty of things people ask about Django which have nothing whatsoever to do with code, and I can deal with one of them today: how do you keep up with Django development?

Every so often, people pop up on the mailing lists, or on IRC, after doing an svn up of their Django …

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