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Entries published on November 26, 2007

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Django sprint

I’ve got a couple articles brewing in the back of my head to finish out the month (and not a bad month, even with the unexpected break last weekend), but rather than write one of them tonight I’d like to pause and remind everyone that this Saturday — December 1 — is a major sprint day for Django. We’re hoping to make quite a bit of progress on some as-yet-unfinished features which need to land before Django 1.0 (the last sprint was an amazing leap forward, and it’d be nice to do that again), but we’re going to need help from anyone who can volunteer time and effort.

Even if you’re not writing code, there are plenty of things you can do — help organize tickets, test proposed patches, etc. — and any and all help will be greatly appreciated. Take a look at the official wiki page for the …

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