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Reusable Django apps

A little while back I released a couple of Django apps to the world, and I’ve got a couple more in the pipeline (whenever some more of my copious free time rolls around, I’ll finish them up and get them out the door as well), so I’ve been thinking a bit about best practices for making them as easily reusable as possible. And James Tauber has started up a mailing list for discussing a Django application repository (anyone who’s interested in that should join up and get the discussion going ...

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One of the great holy wars in programming concerns itself with “type systems”, usually in the sense of “static typing” versus “dynamic typing”, and from time to time it flares up again. Unfortunately, most of the loudest voices are quite content to argue without really understanding the subject, and so proceed to build straw-man-style arguments based on what they think they know. Most often this seems to be a result of inexperience — far too many people have only ever worked seriously with one type of language, and so have ...

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