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Hypothetical framework choices

Published on: June 2, 2007    Categories: Django, Frameworks

I subscribe to feeds of items tagged with “django” on a couple of sites, and tonight I noticed a link which posed a hypothetical situation of wanting to port a large J2EE application to either Rails or Django, and asking about making the choice between them.

I wrote up a reply, but attempts to post it there netted me “The page you were looking for was not found. Moron.” So here it is in all its glory; maybe someone will get some use out of it, maybe not.

Choose wisely

As always: it depends.

Some good hypothetical questions to ask in this hypothetical situation:

That’s just for starters, but hopefully it’s an indication of a more productive line of questioning for choosing a framework (and remember that there are more things out there than just Rails and Django — Ruby and Python both have a variety of frameworks available).

Disclaimer: I’m the release manager for Django and work for the company which originally developed it.