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Entries published on January 15, 2007

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Let’s talk about JavaScript libraries

JavaScript’s got a bad rap; it’s the language everybody loves to hate, and the one language which, more than any other in the modern web developer’s toolbox, people will go to insane lengths to avoid writing directly (witness Google Web Toolkit, JavaScript “helpers” in server-side frameworks, etc.). Which isn’t fair, really, because (as I’ve said many a time) most people don’t actually hate JavaScript the language; they hate the buggy and inconsistent implementations of JavaScript in major web browsers and, to a larger extent, the buggy and inconsistent implementations of the DOM in major browsers.

Now, for about as long as there’s been JavaScript there have been reusable libararies for it floating around; in the old days they were called “DHTML libraries”, now they’re usually called “JavaScript libraries” or (shudder) “AJAX libraries”. In general, they make writing JavaScript a whole lot easier. No longer do you have to …

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