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Entries published on January 8, 2007

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OpenID delegation under Django and lighttpd

There’s been lots and lots and lots of buzz around OpenID in the last couple weeks, which makes me happy because OpenID is a pretty darned cool system. Simon is doing all sorts of cool things, and Sam Ruby wrote up wonderful step-by-step instructions for OpenID delegation, which lets you use your own domain name to sign in with OpenID even if your OpenID is hosted somewhere else.

I sat down tonight and worked out how to set it up here, because that’s a nifty and useful trick; Sam’s Apache rewrite rules are all you’ll need if you’re under Apache, but if you’re running lighttpd (as I am) it’s a bit trickier; where Apache’s mod_rewrite lets you conditionally redirect based on pretty much anything, lighttpd’s support for conditionals based on HTTP headers seems to be limited to Host, User-Agent and Referer (if I’m wrong about this, I’d love to …

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