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Entries published on December 9, 2007

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A couple updates

Today marks two releases, both numbered 0.4, of django-registration and template_utils.

The new release of django-registration is largely a matter of policy; there’s no new functionality or features, but there is one backwards-incompatible change: the validation of passwords (verifying that the same password is entered in both fields) has been moved to the clean() method of RegistrationForm, which means that the error message from a password mismatch is now accessed via form.non_field_errors() instead of form.errors[‘password2’]. It’s a relatively easy change to make in your templates, but because it’s backwards-incompatible I’m pushing the version number up by one.

Also included in the 0.4 release of django-registration are two new translations: Greek and Russian, courtesy of Panos Laganakos and Ilya Filippov.

Updates to template_utils

This one is a bit larger in scope. First off, the Subversion trunk of template_utils has been Unicode-ready for quite some time now, but I’d never gotten …

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