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Upgrading to Ubuntu 6.06

Published: June 16, 2006. Filed under: Misc.

I’ve been a Linux user for about six years now; I started out with Red Hat while I was in college, and then a little over a year ago I jumped ship to Ubuntu because smart people kept talking about how nice it was.

Overall, my experiences with Ubuntu have lived up to that; Ubuntu does an amazing job of being both a great development platform and a good desktop operating system. That’s no mean feat. So naturally I was looking forward to upgrading to the recently-released version 6.06, code-named “Dapper Drake”, but I’d been putting it off a bit for a couple of reasons:

Tonight I figured it’d be a good time to upgrade, so I popped open the updater and told it to do its stuff. The following are my thoughts, recorded as the process went on and copied/pasted in to this entry.

At this point I wandered away to do other things. We pick up again about two hours later:

Not the smoothest upgrade I’ve ever done, but far from being the worst (nobody will ever manage an upgrade process as horrendous as the one Red Hat used to inflict on its users). And now I’m happily running Ubuntu 6.06 LTS, the “Dapper Drake” on my Thinkpad. Yay!