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Entries published on June 6, 2006

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Django tips: extending the User model

One of Django‘s great strengths is its built-in user and authentication system; the bundled application django.contrib.auth includes models for users, user groups and permissions and views for logging users in and out and changing and resetting their passwords. This is enough to cover the needs of a huge number of sites and, after the admin, the auth system is probably the most popular bundled application Django ships (or maybe the other way around, since the admin requires the auth system to be installed).

Because of the auth system’s popularity, though, one of the most common questions people ask about Django is “how do I extend the User model?” By default, users have a small but useful set of fields which take care of most common use cases, but there are plenty of times where it’d be extremely handy to be able to add just a few more to suit a …

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