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Merry Christmas

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m sitting at home with my family, and the most appropriate thing I can think of to do is to quote William Makepeace Thackeray:

My song, save this, is little worth;
  I lay the weary pen aside,
And wish you health, and love, and mirth,
  As fits the solemn Christmas-tide.
As fits the holy Christmas birth,
  Be this, good friends, our carol still:
Be peace on earth, be peace on earth,
  To men of gentle will.

Merry everything.

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I can’t believe it’s not XML!

As you may or may not have heard, JSON came to Dave Winer’s attention today. He is, quite obviously, of the opinion that this is just a reinvention of what people are already doing just fine with XML, thank you very much, so what’s the point?

Of course, this ignores the fact that the Lisp folks have been making the same argument for years, wondering why there was this great pressing need to go out and invent XML when s-expressions were just dandy.

But once you get past the egos and the ...

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The other day, the Dojo blog announced the public beta of Renkoo, an “evite killer” which relies heavily on the asynchronous features of Dojo and “Comet”, the name that’s been given to the use of long-lived HTTP connections to provide instant updates of state in event-driven web applications.

Except I can’t check out Renkoo in my browser of choice — Safari — because I get automatically redirected to their “unsupported browser” page. They have a brief write-up on their blog of why Safari support is problematic, though I can’t help thinking ...

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Status update

I know I haven’t been writing much lately, and that I haven’t been keeping up with useful Django articles as much as I should be, but there are reasons for that.

So I’m going to change course a little bit and focus on some non-Django stuff for a little while. I’ve got a backlog of miscellaneous things I’ve been writing and rewriting and I’d like to get them out the door; plus, between holidays, work, significant Django changes (mostly having to do with newforms) and some other stuff, I’m going to ...

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