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Some long-overdue cleaning

Published: August 19, 2006. Filed under: Meta.

It had gotten out of hand and out of control. It was impossible to deal with, and impossible to do without. It was eating more and more of my time every day, and finally I just had to kick it to the curb.

That’s right, I’m talking about my feed subscription list.

The new world order

Screenshot of my subscription list in NetNewsWire Lite, showing nine folders of feeds

It took about half an hour, but I’ve successfully pruned and reorganized my subscription list; where before the subscriptions pane in NNW Lite was a sprawling single list of pretty much everything I’ve read over the past year, now it’s a lean, mean set of folders, the denizens of which were subjected to some vicious tests to justify their continued existence. I don’t know if the organizational scheme I settled on will work for anyone else, but here’s how it breaks down:

And that’s it.

The Great Pruning

The process of reorganizing also meant unsubscribing from a lot of feeds I realized I wasn’t getting anything out of anymore. Whether I kept a feed or not depended on a couple of factors:

How long will it last?

Of course, cleaning up my feed list is just asking for trouble because now I’ll feel better about subscribing to new things — my subscription list is so clean and uncluttered that I’ll think it couldn’t possibly hurt to add a few new ones. And sooner or later I’ll end up back here, running through yet another round of organizing and pruning. Sigh.