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Entries published on August 18, 2006

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I’m going to predict this now

Assuming they’re both still on TV in 2008, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will both run for President. In different parties.

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Django tips: using properties on models and managers

While working on a little side project this week, I ran into a couple of very common use cases that often result in a lot of extra typing:

  1. Defining a BooleanField, or an IntegerField or CharField with choices which will, logically, break up instances of the model into certain groups which need to be accessed often.
  2. Repeatedly wanting to calculate a value based on the values of several fields of a model.

Let’s look at how to handle these common cases, while reducing the extra typing and making them behave in an extremely intuitive fashion.

The set-up

Consider as an example this model, which …

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